What Is SigEp

SigEp believes strongly in "Universal Respect for Self and Others" – therefore, we have eliminated antiquated pledging and replaced it with the Balanced Man Program, which better enables us to achieve our mission: "Building Balanced Leaders for the World's Communities." 

New members are respected as equal brothers from day one, with voting rights and similar responsibilities to older members. All members participate in a set of challenges for four years that promote living your best life through social programming, cultural and community activities, IM sports, professional and leadership development, mentoring, and academic enrichment.
Originally founded in 1968, our chapter is rooted in traditions that bring our diverse brotherhood together. Many of our highly successful alumni serve as mentors to members of the chapter, providing career guidance. Our brothers also enjoy traveling the nation visiting other chapters via the Red Door Policy. All brothers make a lifetime commitment to uphold our three Cardinal Principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love